The logo for the Waste Commission depicts the beautiful Rocky Mountain of Alberta and the traditional recycling logo for Waste Management.
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Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission
Frequently asked by our customers are rates for recycling and waste collection, when the Eco-Sites are open, how to locate our centres and where the dump is.
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Residents are asked to recycle milk jugs and cartons, cardboard, mixed paper, newspaper, clear glass, tin cans, motor oil and filters, electronics. Don't forget to take your bottles and drinking boxes to the Bottle Depot in your community.
The Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission works in the municipalities within Mountain View County, including Carstairs, Cremona, Didsbury, Olds, and Sundre. We also have operations in the rural communities of Water Valley and Eagle Hill.
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Used oil filters are processed at recycling mills for use in new metal products such as rebar, nails, and wire. Recycle your oil filters.
Photo Gallery
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Our new Compactor. Purchased April 2016.
Check out our newest addition - a Bomag Compactor, Model BC573RB, April 2016.
Penner Waste Inc. shredding some of the shingle stockpile at the Landfill, March 2016.
Penner Waste Inc. shredding some of the shingle stockpile at the Landfill, March 2016.
Mining out the old landfill. Part of the clean-up the Commission undertook at the old landfill area when it took it over in 2004. The reservoir that holds back the dam in the northwest corner of the landfill. Planting shelterbelt trees at the landfill site. About 700 had been planted by the end of 2009.
We are continually cleaning up the landfill site, including planting shelterbelt trees, which reduce damage from wind erosion, and catch snow in the winter.
Re-roofing jobs account for the vast majority of asphalt shingles. Vinyl siding lends itself to recycling because it is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - a thermoplastic that can be repeatedly ground up, re-melted, and formed into a variety of new products. Disposing of a ton of wood waste at a wood processing facility may cost one-third the amount it costs to dispose of a ton of waste in a landfill. Businesses that generate wood waste can save money.
Outside contractors are involved in recycling wood and asphalt shingles and vinyl siding.
Chippers are brought in to take care of wood and branches.
Didsbury Mayor, Brian Wittal; Olds Sustainability Coordinator, Nina Gales; Olds Mayor Judy Dahl; Didsbury Commission Board member, Rick Mousseau. Commission Board members gather at the new Resource Recovery Centre. Commission CAO Neil Kivell visits with the Board members.
Some of the people behind the Waste Management Commission visit the Resource Recovery Centre.
Calgary Metal Recycling removing scrap metal for processing and shipping to iron mills. Tire shred replaces expensive gravel over the leachate collection pad. Cleanup at the landfill is a continuing process.
Left: We contract removal of scrap metal that is then shipped to iron mills for processing.
Middle & Right: Tire shred replaces expensive gravel over the leachate collection pad.

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